Whale's LocoGringo How To Movies

These LocoGringo.COM instructional movies are in wmv format may need Windows Media Player Version 9 or 10. This comes with windows XP (Windows 98 may work but I haven't tried it) and you will probably need a hi-speed internet connection to download the movie. Don't know how long it would take on a dial-up line. They may or may not work on a Mac. If you want to download and save them to your computer, right click on the links and then click Save Target As, give it a name and remember where you saved it. Otherwise just click the links to watch them.

Avatar Posting or Replacing Instructions 

This movie will show you how to add an avatar to your posts on LocoGringo. Before you start you must already have an avatar file in gif, jpg or bmp format saved on your computer. Your avatar can be no bigger than 145 x 145 pixels in size and the file size can be no bigger than 20 K (recently increased from 10K), if it exceeds either one of these dimensions it will not work. If you have an avatar file that meets these requirements,  
Click here for the Avatar Movie

Resizing all your photos in one step

This movie will show you how to resize all your photos in one step using a free program available from Google. The program is called Picasa2 and it can be downloaded free at www.picasa.com I have had this program for about a week and it is an excellent program for working with your photographs. You will need to download and install Picasa before this movie will be of any help to you. As soon as you load it it will search your computer and create an easily searchable directory for all photos and  video on your hard drive. The program will then make it easy to resize all your photos at one time.
Click here for the Resizing Photos with Picasa Movie

Resizing Instructions for Posting Photos 

The movie below will show you how to resize photos so you can post them on LocoGringo.COM using Microsoft Paint, which comes with most Windows computers.
Click here for The Resizing Movie


Posting Photographs in an LG message using the LG Photo Gallery

This movie will show you how to post photographs into a message on LocoGringo.COM using the Photo Gallery on Loco Gringo. You must have a photo album already set up before you can do this. Notice when you are setting up your photo album, that the size of the album is limited so don't try to post all 450 of your vacation photos in your album, they won't fit. Narrow them down to the best ones before putting them in your album, and also make sure that you have resized them before you put them in your album. You can also use some of the photo hosting services such as PhotoBucket.com to do this. 
Click here for the Photo Posting Movie


How to Post a Single Picture and Then Enlarge the Thumbnail Image  

This will show you how to post a single image in your message (the image must already be resized, see above) and then enlarge the thumbnail image that LocoGringo shows by default. It is a two step process.

Click here for the Thumbnail Enlarging Movie


Adding A Vacation Countdown Ticker To Your LocoGringo Signature

This will show you how to add a vacation countdown ticker (timer) to the bottom of each of your posts on LocoGringo. For this ticker we will use www.tickerfactory.com. Enjoy.

Click here for the Adding a Ticker Movie


I hope this is helpful to you. These are fairly rough drafts so I apologize in advance for the poor quality. Good posting.






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